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Shinzen Crescer (Friendship Growth) Project
Incorporated nonprofit organization

The slogan of our activities is gThe earth is one.h

What is the Shinzen Crescer Project?

gCrescerh means gfosterh or gdeveloph in Portuguese. This project was launched in 1995 with the objective of conducting activities mainly targeting youth to foster international exchange through sports and to develop environmental awareness, and by doing so, to contribute through sound upbringing to the creation of Japanese people with warm hearts and an international outlook. At the same time, we intend to solve social problems step by step through close collaboration with leading figures from all sectors.

The Shinzen Crescer Project is an NPO that conducts activities that contribute to society - such as sports, music, environmental conservation, and medical and welfare programs - in order to foster the sound upbringing of youth.

Main activities

Sports Programs

We conduct various sports events such as international exchanges in order to foster the sound upbringing of children, and are developing a network of communication within the local community.

In soccer, we have conducted international invitational matches such as the 2001 Friendship Challenge Cup of the Five Continents, to which we have invited participants from overseas such as a Brazilian youth team. We have also invited the soccer team FC Schalke 04, which is a representative German team, in order to foster international exchange and to conduct a friendship match. We have also organized soccer clinics targeting local elementary and junior high students (both male and female), inviting Yasutaro Matsuki, former coach of Yomiuri Verdy, in 1969, and former J League players as instructors. We are also conducting activities to spread sports like futsal and beach soccer.

In volleyball, we held a volleyball class called the Kentaro Class around Japan together with Kentaro Asahi, a professional beach volleyball player. As part of the Kentaro Asahi Project, we are also supporting the activities of Kentraro, who has started preparing for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Moreover, we also plan and execute events and dissemination activities that people from all ages can participate in, like basketball and park golf.

Academic and Cultural Programs
This program has the following theme: Advocacy of developing an identity as a person, as a member of a community, and as a citizen of Japan by cultivating and fomenting national and international scholarly activities and rediscovering traditional Japanese culture. Under this theme, we have supported the Tenga concert activities organized by the Shinzen Crescer Projectfs advisor in the musical arena and composer and Japanese drum player Hideki Inoue. We have also supported advertising and concerts and other events and activities by both national and international musicians such as the Kocian String Quartet from the Czech Republic and flute player Yoshimi Oshima.

Moreover, in the Canada Sunshine Project, in order to foster young people who act with an international outlook, we offer programs by which students can study in Canada to learn English, as well as other educational training programs by which students cultivate their individual talents.

Environmental Protection Programs
The departure point of the Crescer Project was a panel discussion held in 1996 to which former British Prime Minister Thatcher was invited to discuss environmental issues. We participate in activities that help prevent global warming under our slogan gThe earth is one.h

Specifically, we have recently been involved in reducing the amount of CO2 emission by supporting the research and development of a new type of biomass energy using sunflower seeds conducted by a venture company called SunCare Fuels Co. Ltd. that emerged from University of Tsukuba.

Welfare Programs
Together with Crescerfs vice-president, Yukimasa Aoki, we are supporting the creation of cutting-edge cancer treatment and a new system for improving the quality of life of patients.

Social action program
In collaboration with local government, we are conducting activities that contribute to society, activities such as town development, local revitalization, and creation of new communities.

373rd Nonprofit Organization Certified by the Cabinet Office: Shinzen Crescer Project
Kamimeguro 1-1-5-9F, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
TEL,FAX: 03-5579-6582
For more information (E-MAIL: info@creser-pj.com)

President: Toyoyuki Shinoda

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